Friday, May 13, 2011


Once again, this week my blog is in video form.

Unfortunately, Blogger has decided not to cooperate.  After much trouble, I was able to upload my video below, but alas the quality of the video is terrible.

For a much better quality version of this video, please click here.  Or, copy and paste this URL into your web browser: 




Lauren_Rubin said...

Wow, that was such an awesome video!! Alcatraz is on my list of places to visit in SF, but I just haven't had the time. After watching your video, I feel like I spent the day there. Great footage! Did you shoot that all yourself? Awesome!

KC said...

Amazing writing! I never knew that much about Alcatraz and I have lived here for five years. Great visuals, was some of the footage actual yours?

@Blkcat69 said...

That was an extremely impressive documentary. I love the simplicity of the shots, yet detailed V/O. Bravo! I also feel that I learned quite a bit about Alcatraz in under 3 minutes. Great Job! love the youtube splices as well.

aliciahana said...

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