Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bobby Pin Blog (Voice Assignment)

The Chignon.

The chignon is a classic style that many actresses and celebrities still wear on the red carpet. Using a curl enhancer on wet hair helps smooth down this style while still letting out the natural curls. Dry with a blow dryer to activate the product. 

Pull the hair straight back in a low ponytail, along the base of your neck. Twist the hair into a doughnut shape by wrapping the ponytail around the holder.

Tuck the ends of the hair into the bottom to form the chignon. Set with hair spray or spray gel, to keep the hair from coming loose. 

For a more modern uptake on the look, pull free a few tendrils of hair and let them hang loose.

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Dylan said...

A nice detailed description of a hair style I might try one day. The images do well at showing how this wonderful style is achieved, so I have no excuses now. Do you have any idea whose head that was? I think it's a celebrity but I cant tell from just the back of the head.